As the French leader in terroir wines, we create synergies in the entire wine sector

Bernard Jeanjean &
Antoine Leccia
Chairman of the board

We are long-established
Wine growers,vineyard owners and specialists of wine at all its stages.

Under the AdVini banner, our Vineyards and Wineries deploy all the know-how of the wine making on the finest terroirs in France and abroad. Our vineyards cover a total of 2 200 hectares with 30 Domains, Chateaux and wineries. Our wineries share the same philosophy based on dedication to quality and on the wish to safeguard and promote their terroirs.

We are
of different segments

With six bottling plants and its logistics platforms, AdVini Wines & Services is in a position to deploy optimal solutions for every client, with full quality control, innovative services and precise control of costs and processes.

We are
of emotions

Our trading teams offer the rich diversity of 23 different nationalities. Close to markets and clients and working on the strength of cultural, marketing and commercial intelligence developed over time with our international offices, our teams adapt product offer to each country’s expectations and to the specificities of each distribution network.

With its
Professional teams
AdVini Corporate is at the service of our wine estates, our trading team and our clients.

AdVini encourages and rewards professional, personal and team development to guarantee excellence. This permanent quest for quality – from vine to glass – motivates and binds each and every member of our estates and encourages them to bring all their individual expertise, their management and leadership skills and qualities into play.

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