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The Languedoc is a diverse region of varied landscapes and rich terroirs. From deep reds to Sables de Camargue rosés to sparkling Picpoul whites, Languedoc offers a colorful palette of abundance and creativity never seen before in a wine region.

Maison Jeanjean is an invitation to discover this wonderful canvas.

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Maison Jeanjean 

Forging ahead in Languedoc!

Maison Jeanjean has been a driving force in the Languedoc wine industry for six generations and a successful Languedoc wine producer for 150 years.

For more than a century the Jeanjean family has shaped the history of Languedoc wines while upholding its people-centered values and commitment to quality.

This traditional but innovative vision is built on three core objectives:

– Preserve and enhance the unique Languedoc region and terroirs
– Generate value for the region through innovation, driven by our companies, employees and partners.
– Transmit our love for Languedoc wines by sharing the pleasure and thrill of the wine experience with customers around the world.

One of Maison Jeanjean’s most beautiful creations is Lyv, a single brand that embodies the Maison’s ambition to reveal every facet of the Languedoc region!