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The largest wine-producing region in France, Bordeaux has built its identity on landscapes shaped by the Gironde, the Garonne and its estuary. Its topographical diversity has shaped a plentiful and dynamic region of wine professionals who are committed to revealing its unique features.

Jules Lebègue and Maison BVC embody this energy and drive to offer customers a gateway to the terroirs of Bordeaux and elsewhere.

Logo Jules Lebègue - Bordeaux

Jules Lebègue 

A longstanding négociant on the Bordeaux market, Jules Lebègue was founded in 1828 and is based in the heart of the Saint-Emilion vignoble. An innovative leader in corporate social responsibility, recognized for its organic, biodynamic and level 2 Bordeaux Cultivons Demain certifications, the Jules Lebègue brand is devoted to promoting the wines and wonderful terroirs of Bordeaux in France and abroad.  

Thanks to its packaging site, which meets all major quality standards, Jules Lebègue offers excellence-driven B2B clients a savoir-faire firmly focused on new trends, eco-design and consumer satisfaction. Jules Lebègue is an innovative and committed stakeholder in the Bordeaux wine revolution.


Logo Maison BVC - Benoit Valerie Calvet

Maison BVC 

Founded in Bordeaux in 1985 by Benoit and Valérie Calvet, BVC is a negociant specialized in the creation and export of branded wines for international clients. It sources wines from a range of major French vineyards as well as from Italy, Spain and other countries worldwide.

BVC has created many recognized brands, including Maison de la Rougerie, a line of French wines sold in China, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States. The company’s strength lies in the quality of its wines, its impeccable service to customers and its ability to identify and accompany new consumer trends.