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Our company structure reflects the diversity of our businesses and our savoir-faire.

At AdVini we cultivate a clear, modern and practical approach to the wine industry driven by people-centered values. Through AdVini Vins & Vignobles, our wine estates and vineyards division, and AdVini Vins & Services, our wine estates and services division, we are actively committed to cultivating the value of our terroirs and work closely with customers to meet their expectations.

with our Wine Estates & Vineyards

Our Wine Estates And Vineyards division consists of our vineyards and estates in France and South Africa. This pole develops the unique character of each vineyard, our expertise and savoir-faire. It is the heart of our ambition to bring out the best in our terroirs, with passion and care, to the highest standards of quality and commitment to the environment.

Discover our Wine Estates & Producers

Un ancrage régional avec nos Maison de Vins é Vignobles

with our wine estates and services

Wine Estates & Services provides our customers with solutions for every stage of the value chain in wine. Our wine professionals are attentive to our customers and offer them integrated services.

The organization is based on six areas of expertise:

Sourcing and blending

handled by the Wine Estates and Services division, are located in close proximity to the vineyards.

Marketing and innovation

in tailor-made solutions delivered by dedicated and specialized teams.

Bottling and packaging

at six state-of-the-art packaging sites designed to adapt to new consumer trends.

Printing and capsule services

ensured by Impressions de l’Enclos, a full-range printing company offering flexibility and excellent service.

5. Stocks and logistics

for solutions that work for our customers.

Transportation and supply

services with Transports Lodéziens.

Wine Estates & Services takes a simple approach to developing the best solution for the needs of each customer, with perfect adherence to specifications, innovative services and meticulous control of costs and processes.