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One after the next, several generations have run our family-owned business, in every role and at every level, successfully ensuring its existence and growth. Its history—our history—from our origins in Languedoc, through continuous change decade by decade, has made AdVini a unique enterprise and leader in the world of wine.

In a sector changed deeply by globalization and climate change, the men and women of AdVini, proud of their history and winemaking culture, work daily, with generosity and patience, to promote the diversity of our terroirs, the beauty of our vineyards, and to preserve our savoir-faire.

We aim to expand our horizons, united in our diversity, and strive for individual and collective success with all our partners. We work passionately to share our wines with customers around the world and to everyone’s benefit.

Antoine Leccia


Antoine LECCIA



United in our diversity, working daily with respect for all, to bring

out the best in our vineyards and people.